this is satisfying as fuck for some reason.

go ahead.

do it.

drag the sponge.

dip it in the water and scrubbbbbbbbbbb


"smile you are being filmed :)"


nyenuma is a treasure, pass it on.

thaT ASSHOLE keeps ruining my posts



dude…so I met this UCLA grad at Starbucks the other day. Coffeeshop au is fuckin real

u went to a coffee shop and got urself…..a cup of joe B)

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pumpkkinschteins replied to your photo “dude…so I meet this UCLA grad at Starbucks the other day. Coffeeshop…”

your life is my favorite anime

my life is a shitty lifeguard/college anime B) 

Anonymous: Nye~numaaaa~ numanumanuma-yeeeeeeh~

fun fact: the url nyenuma is a reference to the numa numa nye song

Anonymous: ¿quien dijo margaritas?

Not me unfortunately :( I’m only 19


requested by jg

onehundredlands: ... Hit benpai in the balls... heh, benpaiN. He'll for sure notice you!!


wishingformemoria: Is it rude to ask who is this anti-bae? (You don't have to answer; i'm just curious is all.)

Ah..yiss the anti-bae. We almost went on a date. But I backed out on it. So now we have this really strange “we almost dated” relationship. He was one of the swim coaches at the pool I worked at a few months back :P 

We both still kind of flirt with eachother…a lot. He’s anti bae because hes a piece of shit and I know i could probably do better but I cant..really get over him because hes amazin-I DONT KNOW ITS COMPLICATED

Anonymous: wat happened to benpai

…..he still hasnt noticed me